Mistress D flavour of the week

Despite the horrendous rains it seems that Mistress D has been flavour of the week seeing anal play ( pegging and fisting ) and foot worship kinksters being very hungry for their fix.

I have also had My share of bondage and CBT also .My subs are so loyal. It has been My pleasure ! 

Mistress D. Dominatrix Brisbane Foot Worship Day

Love My little creatures Love My little creatures who know their place…under my feet !

The submission of Foot Worship is just priceless '-) 

Love My little creatures

Safe and Happy Vax Only

Well life is certainly different however My play continues with DOUBLE VACCINATED people ONLY.

I have been having a great time and I hope that you are all safe and plan to stay healthy.

I am one of the few long standing DOMINATRIX in BRISBANE…I would like to think that I reign as the Queen DOMINATRIX BRISBANE.

BDSM Play is what I have loved to do for a few decades now and you will still find My amazing Brisbane Dungeon a really special place to visit.

Just a small collection of photos from some recent play…Love for you to come and let me play with you. 

CBT and Pegging

Well well....so much latex play, feminisation, and CBT and pegging has gone mad !!! 

Her Brisbane Dungeon has been so busy...here is a peek of what Mistress D has been up to...but just a peek for today

Ok Here Is Just A Peek

There is some amazing new arrivals for all of you sissy sluts and serious x dressers.

Let me know your about your deepest and naughtiest yearnings…

Lets do this together in the privacy of my X Dressing room and Dungeon.

Sissys and Cross Dressers

I have some new lovelies for you…..in addition to my extensive collection I have new stilettos , lingerie and stunning dresses for you….

You can't resist Me can you ???????

Ready To Peg you

 I know you would love Me to peg you wouldn't you. I am your Brisbane Based Dominatrix and my very well equipped Dungeon in my home on acreage will definitely please.....but I shouldn't have to tell you that. I have an absolute huge array of dildos to peg you with. It will surely warm you up during these cold days.

My Amazing Dungeon

 In My amazing Dungeon with so many toys I spent 4 hours yesterday entertaining Myself with a pathetic little slave who drove a long way to get to Me...his new Mistress. You would loved it to be you. It was the ultimate sensory deprivation experience along with complete heavy duty bondage. I spent about 2 hours entertaining Myself whilst he lay completely helpless and totally at My mercy. Whilst he was in this state I put my hand to some fantastic CBT techniques including electro-play....I so wish I had photos but sadly, anonymity was paramount. >>>And then there was pegging whilst in full bondage and restraint on my bondage bench....one very happy day for Me.

I Luv My subs who Luv being sissys

you don't need to have such beautiful skin or a baby doll face like this one..BUT IT HELPS....I know you would love to be my personal slave....HEY I am speaking to you ! 

It Has Been A While

Too much fun to be had when you spend your time with me. You know that when you are here I will indulge myself using you as My focus. Yes I know you are a tad nervous...that is healthy...you will see. 

Brisbane Dominatrix - Cross Dressing Fun In My Private Dungeon

I adore cross dressing. I know you do!

I excel in Dominating sissy sluts like you in my Private Playspace in Brisbane.

I love nothing more than your degradation as I transform you into My sissy slut.  As i dress you in my most favourite lingerie and Stiletto heels. 

I may bend you over my BDSM bench for some amusing anal play and perhaps use one or more of my huge selection of dildos and strap-ons…

You have fantasised about having one of Brisbane's most proficient Dominatrix Dominate your every move, Control your every thought…well I also have a Cross Dressing Room for all of you dirty sissys.

You know you want to visit don't you?…you're Mistress is waiting for you…!

Look at these pretty little sissy slut whores…Imagine being here with me. Submit and you will be Mine.

Contact Me today

Brisbane Dominatrix - Tales From My Private Dungeon

Wow, it's been a month since I said "hi"…..I have been so busy in what I consider to be the best Brisbane Dungeon.

I love being a Dominatrix and roleplaying your Fetishes. 

My BDSM space is perfect for me to Dominate my slaves and this week pegging and CBT have been a lot of fun…I have done so many things and now about to do some severe Domination and Corporal Punishment…are you next?

Don't forget to visit my Favourite Play Page!

Mistress D

Introduction To Fetishes and BDSM

 I don't doubt that many of my "selfie photos" brings some of you to your knees....making you want to cross your legs and flee...lol. You need to understand that I cater to so many tastes and love to post interesting photographs for you. I am able to be more extreme HOWEVER I also cater for people who are curious and are looking for a mild introduction to kinky stuff. Remember also I will never do anything to you that you do not want and you will always be given a word ( called a safe word) that you say if you want me to discontinue what we are doing.

Everyone is nervous for the first few times however you very quickly feel at ease with me...that is part of what I do.

This photo is of one of My regular clients...I loved the look and wanted to share it with you.

Happy New Year

Hi and I hope that you had a lovely festive season...I certainly did...Santa brought me even more goodies and so much latex that most of it is still in boxes.

I have had to extend my Dungeon and play area so as to accommodate all of my new toys. I have some huge butt plung and dildos....pics to come.

I look forward to spending the year playing with everyone in this extended space.

Don't be too good now....!!!

Merry Christmas To you and To Me.

I have been keeping those who are feeling a bit glum over this festive season company....you will never be lonely with Me in My world, in My presence......I have some availability over this next week..oh and Santa came to Me AGAIN.......

Immobility !

 Oh it's been around for years but when someone says don't use rope but I don't want to move...what's a Mistress to do !!!

Look What Santa Brought,

A huge thank you to one of my special new people.  There are so many amazing things here I just has to give you a peek. Lets see if you want me to share my Santa prezzies with you !!!

Welcome to my new website.

Fantastic to have it and pretty unbelievable I have been around for over 2 decades now…how time flies !

So lets fill out a booking form and have some "special" adult fun in my new Dungeon and Fetish Room."

I trust you will enjoy my site as much as I do. "

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